Our Story

With the vision of being a global premium seafood supply chain conglomerate, Oceanus Group innovates progressively through forming strategic alliances with processing and packaging plants to ensure consistent quality.

The company also invests heavily in research and development to ensure that abalone and premium seafood are bred under carefully controlled environment to support their growth, survival and propagation.

Having identified opportunities in the market that draw on the strengths of Oceanus, the group is swiftly diversifying their business and introducing fast-moving consumer goods, such as premium seafood products and frozen seafood products. While we carry out our expansion plans, Oceanus continues to engage the younger generation by partnering with local institutions to provide learning opportunities for students through research efforts.


A global producer of farmed seafood with integrated supply chain that spans from upstream land- and sea-based farming to downstream distribution and retailing of premium seafood products as well as aquaculture farm resort.


We are committed to producing quality, nutritional and affordable fresh and frozen seafood products by engaging in sustainable land- and sea-based farming practices created through innovation in R&D. We do so to preserve our environment so that our next generation can enjoy a bountiful supply of untainted produce from the oceans.