Since we built our 4 growth pillars, we have seen a significant boost in our financial performance, further demonstrating the strength of our long-term strategy and synergy. As we look forward, our focus is on harnessing cross-pillar synergy for exponential growth that is sustainably anchored in our omnichannel strategy.


Aquaculture is the cornerstone pillar of Oceanus’ business. Even as we evolve our business,  we continue to leverage on our wealth of experience and core strengths in seafood production, processing and trading.

Since 2021, we have expanded our seafood portfolio to include prawn, sea cucumber, crab  and fish.

Glocalisation will be our focus over the next few years as we grow our network globally with  representative offices in our key focus market



Oceanus Group oversees the distribution of products from the first to final mile to guarantee punctuality in delivery and impeccable quality.

To guarantee prompt delivery and impeccable quality control, Oceanus oversees the distribution of products from the first to the last mile. This greatly boosts our competitive advantages in market exposure, as well as operational speed.

Leveraging our established corporate presence and global trading network, we have strengthened our position throughout the value chain – from raw materials to an expanding portfolio of consumer goods.

Oceanus’ current distribution portfolio ranges from FMCG products such as beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), snacks, instant drinks, to chilled and frozen meat (beef, chicken, pork), sugar, grains, fruits and many more


Oceanus Group expands beyond product distribution to offer services ranging from consultation, business strategies, media solutions to corporate branding.

Oceanus continues to grow our service offerings beyond product distribution, and now provides services ranging from consultation and business strategies to media solutions and corporate branding.

We offer in-house capabilities in land management services, logistic and warehouse services, marketing and branding, business consulting and matching.

Thus, Oceanus is further empowered to boost the productivity of our FMCG segment, as well as create more profit centres.


Oceanus Group stays ahead of the curve with innovative research and development.

Digital transformation is essential for all businesses to survive and thrive. 

For Oceanus, we transform by synergizing the capabilities of our subsidiaries onto one single platform, powered by technologies such as blockchain, analytics, cloud computing and enterprise resource planning systems.

Through our digital transformation, Oceanus is adeptly positioned to seamlessly provide a full suite of trade services to the global trade – taking us one step closer to becoming a global FoodTech Enterprise. 

Teching Up

Towards a FoodTech Company
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