4 Pillars of Growth

To ensure affordable premium seafood products, from wild caught & farming, from fish mollusk and crustacean reaches our customers


By distributing globally through our own channels


And marketing through our marketing and branding division


To constantly stay ahead of market demands via research and development


Expansion Plan



Oceanus Group is committed to bringing the highest quality in fresh and frozen seafood products

Total global seafood market value was estimated to be around USD150 billion in 2016, and is forecasted to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of approximately 4.3% to around USD210 billion in 2024.

Aquaculture has always been a cornerstone pillar of Oceanus Group’s business since its inception, with a focus on addressing global food security. Strong emphasis is placed on sustainable practices and the use of cutting-edge aquaculture technologies.


Milestones after 2017

Oceanus Group has one of the world’s largest land-based abalone farm with teams in China and Indonesia ensuring seafood is sustainably sourced and food safety standards are met.

We have expanded our product range to fish and crustaceans and have exported to Singapore, China, Japan and USA.

Oceanus (China) Aquaculture

OCA, a fully owned PRC subsidiary of the Group, operates the abalone hatchery farms in China. Located along the sea in Fotan town of Fujian, China. It has a total of 900 tanks spread across its 3.2 hectare land.

Asia Fisheries

A trading subsidiary that distribute wild caught seafood products that are sustainably fished and processed according to highest FDA requirements and cultivated fishes from farms with best farming practices internationally.


Oceanus Group oversees the distribution of products from the first to final mile to guarantee punctuality in delivery and impeccable quality

Oceanus Group leverages upon its existing corporate presence and trading network globally to strengthen its position across the value chain – from raw materials to consumer goods.


Milestones after 2017

Over the last couple of years, we have successfully increase our FMCG range to more than 2000 different products. We have also increase our global footprint to 16 countries worldwide.

Oceanus Food Group

A Singapore-based FMCG subsidiary focusing on the sale of processed seafood and other products.

Season Global Trading

A joint venture company with Season Hong, was established in January 2020 to trade in alcoholic beverages in China and South East Asia.

Xiamen Import Export

Xiamen Import Export was established to set up a trading arm in China where Oceanus Group’s abalone farming operations are located.


Oceanus Group expands beyond product distribution to offer services ranging from consultation, business strategies, media solutions to corporate branding

Oceanus Group’s in-house capabilities in aquaculture consulting, marketing and branding are also offered to third parties. By serving as profit centres wherever possible, these services boost the overall productivity and profitability of Oceanus Group.


Milestones after 2017

Our award winning subsidiary, AP Media has spearheaded high profile projects both locally and overseas, such as the digitalisation Singapore’s history 200 years before Sir Stamford Raffles, live streaming of Singapore National Day parade 2019 and Art-Fest 2020 (Celebrating 55 years of diplomatic relationship between Singapore and Cambodia)

AP Media & Capy Comm

AP Media & Capy Comm are an integrated marketing agency, specialising in multi-disciplinary interactive digital media, video and marketing consulting services.

Oceanus Tech

Oceanus Tech was incorporated in April 2017, as part of Oceanus Group’s strategy to pursue high-tech aquaculture technologies and also provide third-party consultancy services.


Oceanus Group stays ahead of the curve with innovative research and development

In line with Oceanus Group’s ongoing strategy to pursue cutting-edge aquaculture R&D alongside its industry partners and institutions, an innovation centre was established in July 2017.


Milestones after 2017

Oceanus has set up of Oceanus Oceanic Institute in Zhangpu & Oceanus Innovation Centre @ Temasek Polytechnic. We also have ongoing research collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic on juvenile abalone growth

Oceanus Oceanic Institute

Specifically located at Oceanus Group’s farming site in China, OOI is responsible for the development and implementation of various risk management and protocols for all Oceanus Group’s farms, including its technology and systems, and the adoption of new technologies.

Oceanus Group has also entered into partnerships and MOUs with various institutions both in Singapore and abroad.