Anchoring Our 4 Pillars of Growth

Since we built our 4 growth pillars, we have seen a significant boost in our financial performance, further demonstrating the strength of our long-term strategy and synergy. As we look forward, our focus in on harnessing cross-pillar synergy for exponential growth that is sustainably anchored in our omnichannel strategy.


Oceanus Group is committed to bringing the highest quality in fresh and frozen food products

Aquaculture has always been the cornerstone pillar of Oceanus’ business. Today, we continue to leverage on cutting-edge farming technologies to keep us at the forefront of addressing global food security challenges

  • Achieved 1.2M tonnes and rapidly growing seafood trade volume within China and SEA in 2021
  • Bridging the gap between food producers and merchants, by expanding presence further down the supply chain
  • Asia Fisheries enters into an exclusive contract with a major seafood producer in Vietnam to distribute seafood into the Chinese market
  • Associate Universal Aquaculture collaborates with Grobest Group to develop the World’s First Next-gen Functional Performance Shrimp Feed for their Hybrid Biological Recirculation System™


Oceanus Group oversees the distribution of products from the first to final mile to guarantee punctuality in delivery and impeccable quality

Having built upon our established corporate presence and global trading network worldwide, we are further strengthening our position and accelerating expansion through a digital platform and our own brand of FMCG products.

  • Distribution deals totalling 3.6M tonnes for export of frozen meat to neighbouring SEA countries, and growing.
  • Subsidiaries Guangzhou ISC, Co., Ltd Recherche Living and Shenzhen Jiade Yifeng Supply Chain set up to further expand on the Food Commodities and Gourmet Goods market in Asia
  • Since its establishment, Oceanus subsidiary Sino Food Group has become an approved distributor for China Resources Wufeng, which is a member of China Resources, a state-owned enterprise and Fortune Global 500 company, paving the way towards exponential volume in frozen meat distribution in China


Oceanus Group expands beyond product distribution to offer services ranging from consultation, business strategies, immersive media solutions.

Oceanus adds more in-house logistics, consultancy and marketing capabilities and expertise to our already comprehensive suite of services. This marks another step in us becoming a leading FoodTech company bolstering food security and the global food supp

  • Established Oceanus Tradelog to support the warehousing and logistics services needs of our food production and distribution pillars
  • Oceanus Tradelog secured a warehousing and logistics contract with international food industry player and SATS subsidiary Country Foods
  • Consolidated all award-winning multimedia capabilities under Oceanus Media Global (OMG) to provide ‘futurealistic experiences’ through a
    state-of-the-art Extended Reality studio to create Next-gen brand and consumer experiences
  • Established associate company Aquarii, which taps on the growing Cambodian market by connecting international businesses and investors to Cambodia through two components to its business- an online business platform and advisory business


To be the world’s leading FoodTech Company

Innovation is at the heart of our business, and will continue to be our engine of change. Connecting with our vision to accelerate our ‘tech-up’ operations for the next lap, we will continue to innovate not just in cutting-edge food production technologies, but also rethink our supply chain approach to build a truly seamless, omnichannel experience for custom

  • Set up of SG.eMart to spearhead the development of Oceanus’ e-commerce and digital trading capabilities, enhancing its presence in the region
  • Pioneering immersive experiences for businesses and consumers such as:
  •  Developed HP’s first interactive virtual showroom for personalised e-commerce experiences
  •  Brought Singapore’s National Day Parade 2021 to life with AR visual effects
  • Southeast Asia’s first fully virtual, avatar-mapping live concert with Rapper ShiGGa Shay

The Tech Up Strategies

During its previous Build Up phase, Oceanus successfully established sustainable profit centres and a strong foundation to support long-term growth. Our next Tech Up phase in the coming years will see Oceanus focusing on establishing a global digital exchange where customers are able to remotely conduct trades, securely perform financing activities and settlements, as well as tracking of their shipment in real time.

This shift towards digitalisation is made possible by leveraging on blockchain technology to create a safe, secure and traceable environment to conduct online transactions. The platform will also help us deliver greater value, transparency, accountability and trust to our partners through visibility across the entire food supply chain.

Enhance Food Security & Safety Traceability

Blockchain technology allows information to be recorded on a decentralised ledger that makes it possible to change or hack the system, allowing end-to-end traceability that lets Oceanus enhance food security & safety from farm to table.


Optimise Our Decision Making Processes

Through supply chain digitalisation, Oceanus will leverage on real-time data to predict & drive product relevancy. Insights driven by predictive analytics will help us optimise our decision making process across our various business pillars.


Global Reach with Cloud-Based Solutions

Utilising cloud computing & Enterprise Resource Planning systems will empower Oceanus to work efficiently & remotely with our global subsidiaries. These system will consolidate real-time financial insights for informed decision making.