Mr. Peter H.K. Koh, PBM

Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer

Edward Loy Chee Kim

Independent, Non-Executive Director

Zahidi Bin Abd Rahman

Independent, Non-Executive Director

Dr. Yaacob Bin Ibrahim

Independent, Non-Executive Director

Cleveland Cuaca

Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director


Duane Ho

Group Chief Financial Officer

Sammul Lin

Group Chief Operating Officer

Daphne Lim

Group Director, Corporate Planning & Strategy

Jenny Koh

Group Director, Food Production

Tan May Ling

Group Financial Controller


Shero Dong

Group Director, Distribution

Nick Tan

Director, Services (Immersive Media)

Adrian Teo

Director, Innovation (Digital Business)

Ben Kee

Oceanus Media Global, Chief Immersive Officer

Chen Zhenzhou

ISC (CN), Chief Executive Officer

Christine Chua

Oceanus Media Global, Chief Financial Officer,

Christine Liu

King M International, Chief Executive Officer

Derrick Tan

Season Global, Executive Director, Procurement

Gina Pang

Oceanus Media Global, Chief Marketing Officer

Jake Lam

Kingsman Exim Wine & Spirits, Chief Executive Officer

Liao Ziwen

Jiade Yifeng, Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Lam

Sino Food Group, Chief Executive Officer

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