Create An Impact with us


Your #1 job – everyone’s #1 job – is making this company a success… If you see opportunities to improve the way we do things, speak up even if these are outside your area of responsibility. You have a personal stake in Oceanus’s success so make suggestions and share your ideas. Your good ideas mean nothing if you keep them to yourself.

Your impact should be felt. If you’re not there, people should notice


Get your work done well, and be excited about what you’re creating. Not excited? Talk to your manager. Maybe there is a better project for you! Talk

Work out your schedule with your team, talk to your coworkers about what you are working on, and don’t be a jerk. Document your work, communicate openly, and be good to your team.

We constantly iterate on our business and sometimes work long hours to reach the quality we strive for, but we also know how to unwind. From regular lunch gatherings and office happy hours, you will get to know the lighter side of your coworkers in no time. not to mention what goes on in in real life.




9 out of 10 internal conflicts arise within companies due to a lack of communication, under-communication or miscommunication. The other 1 out of 10 is usually attributable to a misinterpretation of the term “social media expert” (which, honestly, may never be resolved).

Maybe this sounds crazy, but if it were possible to restrict all communication to this channel the world would almost certainly be a happier place.

A phone/video call. If you just cannot be in the same room and it cannot wait. Video slightly trumps phone in most cases but given that even today the internet hates good video quality, they can basically be assumed to be a tie after your account for dropped connections and calls. Both tone and intent suffer when using these channels compared to the first.



It is a place where great work happens and a place that can prevent you from doing great work all at the same time. Use it as if it is truly yours… an extension of your house. Or maybe better, an extension of your parent’s house. It is a place where you can feel ultimately comfortable but must take responsibility for your presence and your usage. Treat it like your own because it is your own. As much as anything, our office is a social space for our team to spend time together, eat together, have small and large group conversations, and inspire each other. Our office exists to help us move fast and be happier. It is a place where whiteboards get used and disagreements end in clear decisions. It is a place to witness the incredible power of an idea moving from a twinkle in your eye to reality right in the span of a day. Work happens anywhere, collaboration happens here, in the office we call home.



We are constantly on the look-out for extraordinary people people who wants to work together with other like minded individuals to build a better working world. We believe in people over process, therefore we want to give responsible individuals freedom to grow the company and to grow with the company.

We offer the capable and ambitious a fast track career to the top. On the other hand, we also accommodate good staff who prefer a more balanced lifestyle by working out with them work arrangements that match their interests, hours and expectations.

Qualities We Look For
We recruit responsible candidates with a good Attitude. ‘A’ grades are secondary to us, as we believe that candidates with the right attitude can be nurtured and developed to their full potential.