CEO’s Message

Oceanus’ mission statement is Building Sustainability Today for the Security of Tomorrow. We believe in protecting the environment today, for our children’s tomorrow. We also believe in growing a sustainable business as Oceanus Group is here for the long run. The team in Oceanus remains steadfast as we work closely together to deliver value to our stakeholders.

Since Oceanus’ successful restructuring in 2017, the Group has made significant progress in executing its growth strategy to expand beyond a “one product, one country” company. Through the Group’s transformation phase, Oceanus has harnessed synergies from an ecosystem comprising diversified businesses across four growth pillars – Aquaculture, Distribution, Services, and Innovation.

In Aquaculture, Oceanus has in-depth experience and has maintained efficient farming methodologies through years of research and development. Oceanus has one of the world’s largest land-based abalone farms, where we propagate our aquaculture know-how by working closely with our farm plot lessees and contract-farming partners.Since 2018, Oceanus has expanded its aquaculture product beyond abalones. The Group has invested in a tuna fishery business in Australia and a deep tech aquaculture farm in Singapore. Oceanus has also successfully started distributing tuna, dried sea cucumber and soft shell crab to Australia, USA, Japan and China.

In Distribution segment, we currently have more than 2,000 different products such as Oceanus abalone, Oceanus bird’s nest, beverages, cosmetics, snacks, and baby products. We have distributed across our global distribution network from the first to the final mile, ensuring that the supply chain remains in place. Our distribution footprint can be found throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

For our Services segment, we offer services ranging from consultation, business strategies, media solutions to corporate branding, boosting the overall productivity and profitability of the Group.We provide different services ranging from virtual conferencing, 360VR, video production, integrated marketing, and consultancy services. Already we have several high-profile events both internationally and locally in our Group’s portfolio.

In the modern world, innovation plays an important role in shaping the future business environment. Our Innovation segment allows us to stay ahead of the curve by pursuing cutting-edge research and development alongside our industry partners and institutions. Working closely with Temasek Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic, the group has commissioned further studies into juvenile abalone breeding.

Guided by our belief – “Building Sustainability today for the security of tomorrow” – we will continue to forge ahead towards a sustainable future.



Peter H.K. Koh, PBM
Group CEO