Letter from

A Special Thanks.

Our shared success today is only possible because of the person reading this – You. You have been there with us throughout this journey, and for that, I will always be grateful. Your trust and support have not been in vain. I also wish to extend my appreciation to the whole Oceanus family for their resilience, commitment, and hard work. As we continue to transform, we will never stop staying true to our promise on building sustainable value for all stakeholders.

After nearly six years, the Group successfully exited the SGX Watchlist on 29 September 2021. This marks the most important event in our corporate journey as it is also the first time in the history of the SGX Watchlist that a company achieved a complete turnaround through concerted restructuring efforts after having faced such a tumultuous situation for an extended period.

We are excited, relieved and grateful for all the support we have received throughout the years. With a renewed sense of determination, the Oceanus family is more motivated than ever, to elevate the Group to new heights and accomplish even more for the company.

On a personal level, this is the actualisation of my promise made to all stakeholders seven years ago to save a failing business. With the exit from the SGX Watchlist, we now step out from the shadows of our past, and are excited to begin a brand new chapter. Oceanus Group’s new brand identity isa reflection of this, symbolising the spirit of renewal and new beginnings. as we transform into a leading global FoodTech enterprise.

In our third phase of growth, the Oceanus Tech Up’ plan seeks to digitalise our four business pillars and introduce cross-selling opportunities, thereby harnessing corporate synergy across the Food Production, Distribution, Services and Innovation pillars.

We will also establish a global digital exchange where external customers are able to remotely conduct trades, securely perform financing activities and settlements, as well as real-time tracking of their shipment. All these transactions and activities will be made possible by leveraging blockchain technology. Blockchain records information on a decentralised ledger that makes it impossible to change, hack or bypass the system, hence creating a safe, secure and traceable environment to conduct online transactions.

Our core mission of sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. As we progress and adopt new technologies to scale our businesses, we are mindful to maintain a sustainable future for Oceanus Group. We are committed to becoming a leader in the FoodTech space and above all, we are devoted to delivering and ensuring food security in this region.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend the Board’s appreciation to Non-lIndependent, Non-Executive Director, Mr. Eugen Chua. His contribution over the last two and a half years has been invaluable and we wish him all the best in his next adventure.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to welcome Mr. Cleveland Cuaca, who has been appointed as Non-Independent, Non- Executive Director on 15 December 2021. Mr. Cuaca adds diversity to our Board with his varied investment, business development and branding experience. He joins us with a special focus to “tech up’ Oceanus’ business pillars and the FMCG distribution network.

Finally, Oceanus will not be where it is today without the love and support from the Oceanus family as well as our external stakeholders. On behalf of the Board, I would like to offer my heartfelt appreciation to the Oceanus team for their resilience, diligence and confidence in leading the Group to achieve new highs. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to our shareholders. partners and business associates for their trust and steadfast support for Oceanus.

Our goal remains in driving business expansion through strategic partnerships and creating new revenue streams across the Group’s four pillars for long-lasting, continued, sustainable growth. The wave of growth for Oceanus Group is on the horizon, and my team and I are excited to ride it to become a leading FoodTech enterprise of the future.

Peter H.K. Koh, PBM
Executive Director & Group CEO