Oceanus Annual General Meeting FY2021

2021 was a momentous year for us. The Oceanus team has worked tirelessly to arrive at where we are now – from beating turnover highs throughout the year to exiting the SGX Watchlist – and we are deeply indebted to all our stakeholders who continue to believe in us.
After nearly six years, the Group successfully exited the SGX Watch list on 29 September 2021. This marks the most important event in our corporate journey as it is also the first time in the history of the SGX Watch list that a company achieved a complete turnaround through concerted restructuring efforts after having faced such a tumultuous situation for an extended period.

We are excited, relieved and grateful for all the support we have received throughout the years. With a renewed sense of determination, the Oceanus family is more motivated than ever, to elevate the Group to new heights and accomplish even more for the company.
On a personal level, this is the actualisation of my promise made to all stakeholders seven years ago to save a failing business. With the exit from the SGX Watch list, we now step out from the shadows of our past, and are excited to begin a brand new chapter. Oceanus Group’s new brand identity is a reflection of this, symbolising the spirit of renewal and new beginnings, as we transform into a leading global FoodTech enterprise.
Catch me as I share more during our AGM FYE2021


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