Our Vision, Mission & Our Core Values

Building Sustainability Today for the Security of Tomorrow


To become the leading
FoodTech enterprise in the world.


To build sustainability today for the security of tomorrow, we believe in building a synergistic ecosystem through our 4 Pillars of Growth, to empower our partners in collaborative innovation that makes an exponential impact as a group.



Trust is something that is earned every day, not through our words but our actions and how we consistently deliver on what we promise. We owe it to ourselves and the stakeholders who have entrusted us to take Oceanus further – to practice utmost transparency and honour our commitments.


Shaping the future of food security requires deep technologies and an inventive approach to improving supply chain systems. And at the heart of Oceanus, is a deep passion to continuously create value for all stakeholders and challenge the status quo.


Collaboration is a big part of Oceanus’ growth as a multi-product and multi-country company. It is built on the synergy and power of working together as one, within the Oceanus team, our subsidiaries and partners – and it is one of our driving forces.


As we collectively work towards building a business that can contribute towards a sustainable tomorrow, we also take into consideration our future generations. How we can ensure continuity in the face of adversity and springboard to a brighter future.

A Walk Through time

Our Journey from an Abalone Hatchery to a FoodTech Company
Company Milestone