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Digitalisation through a Global Digital Exchange

The resonance from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to shine a light on the critical importance of food security across the globe. According to World Bank research, several challenges such as widespread disruption, continue to affect the food supply chain at domestic levels, despite global agricultural markets remaining relatively stable.

To address this difficulty, Oceanus will be digitalising its entire value chain.

During our previous Build-Up phase, Oceanus successfully established sustainable profit centres and a strong foundation to support long-term growth.

Our next Tech Up phase in the coming years will see Oceanus focusing on establishing a global digital exchange, where customers are able to remotely conduct trades, securely perform financing activities and settlements, as well as tracking of their shipment in real time. We will focus on developing deep tech solutions aimed towards the development of a sustainable food production and distribution framework. With well established capabilities, we are well-positioned to advance our vision in securing Singapore’s food security and future-proofing our business.

This shift towards digitalisation is made possible by leveraging on blockchain technology to create a safe, secure and traceable environment to conduct online trasactions. The platform will also help us deliver greater value, transparency, accountability and trust to our partners through visibility across the entire food supply chain.


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